Monday, October 02, 2017

"Sippin' So Much Goose That You Could Call Me Geese"

You want to know what chilled to the max sounds like? Press play below and enter into a steel-drum led, calypso flavored, get drunk in paradise anthem. Credit to Louis The Child for choosing Ashe as the one to deliver vocals that are equal parts playful and mellow. There's a gentle ebb and flow of rhythm, but the lyrics will all but walk you to the liquor cabinet to mix a drink on your way to getting loose and making questionable decisions. It's as tasteful as you can get for being all about getting drunk and running a red light on the foreplay. Cop it via the usual Spotify or iTunes channels if you're as enamored with the chill as I am...#RightToIt

Louis The Child feat Ashe - Right To It

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