Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Meet Me at the Sunrise, at the Sunrise"

Another week, another new single from Kygo. This time he linked up with vocalist Jason Walker on a chill, rhythmic ballad. Sunrise gets back to the Trop House sound that Kygo used to win us all over. With every release I gain a deeper appreciation for how he's able to layer traditional piano chords with bubbly, synthesized house chords. There's a lot of craft in what he does, underscoring his unique talent. His new one has the feel of an island anthem with talk of "smoking weed and writing songs", matching the mellow vibe of the track. It's another reason to look forward to his upcoming Kids in Love album, due out next week on November 3rd. Feel free and stream the hell out of the tracks that have emerged from the album while you stay on the look out for the EP in it's entirety...#KidsInLove

Kygo feat Jason Walker - Sunrise


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