Friday, October 27, 2017

Videos of the Week October 27th

Fun mix of real videos, novelty, and a documentary in this week's top five. Led by Calvin Harris and Marshmello, there were some entertaining Hip Hop and EDM collabos. The visuals on Faking It were downright stunning with Lil Yachty and Kehlani literally iced out in a winter setting. Then Marshmello and Khalid turned to the streets to illustrate a higher message on Silence. It isn't a usual thing for EDM tracks to have deeper messages, so kudos to them for reaching higher.

In the world of novelty, Machlemore and Lin-Manuel Miranda stole the week. It seems apropos that Macklemore get his astrological chart read given his latest album is titled Gemini, but there's plenty of comedy gold buried in that one. Cool that he had it done in SF too. And if you're wondering whether Lin-Manuel could hold his own as a rapper, just listen to him freestyle off the cuff with ammo from Fallon's studio audience. Rounding out this week's top five is a documentary highlighting the good, bad, and the ugly of being a high profile DJ on tour nowadays. Sure it comes with a lot of fame, glamour, and wealth, but as Biggie Smalls put it, "mo' money, mo' problems." Despite the somewhat eye opening content, it's interesting to see someone pull back the curtain a bit to give a real feel for the mental and physical toll it can put on DJs...#DJSounds

Calvin Harris feat Kehlani & Lil Yachty - Faking It (Video)

Marshmello & Khalid - Silence (Video)

Macklemore Gets His Astrological Chart Read

Lin-Manuel Miranda Stops in to Freestyle with The Roots

Why We DJ - Slaves to the Rhythm (Documentary)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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