Sunday, September 03, 2017

"I'ma Rebel Just for Kicks, Now I Been Feelin it Since 1966"

Full disclosure, until ZHU remixed Feel It Still, I had never heard of Portugal, The Man. Aside from the interesting stage name, the five member rock band from Alaska have a fun Indie vibe to their music. No idea what their music sounds like? Press play below...

There's a unique, swanky, smoothness that is half funk, half jazz. After hearing the original vocals on Feel It Still, it's not hard to understand why ZHU would want to remix it. The high pitched tone of John Baldwin Gourley's high pitched vocals sounds strikingly similar to ZHU. He's proven to be a master at speeding up and slightly altering the vocals into samples, so he was quite at home adding a deep house backbone to the original. Picture the addictive vocals of the original given a brand new lease on life with an uptick in tempo. Hat tip to ZHU for providing the intro to Portugal and for translating the track to a whole new EDM audience...#FeelItStill

Portugal, The Man - Feel It Still (ZHU Remix)


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