Wednesday, November 01, 2017

"We Looked For Stranger Things...That's Just Who We Are"

As Kygo's new album slowly leaks out one song at a time leading up to the album release on November 3rd. While it's been damn near impossible to keep up with his steady stream of releases, his collaboration with One Republic allows me to cross off a bucket list collaborations. Just the thought of Ryan Tedder and Kygo being in the same room together making music is mind numbing.

It seems merely coincidental, but releasing a song with the title of Stranger Things this weeks takes on a whole new meeting. Those expecting a spooky tropical vibe may be disappointed, but I'm in awe of the Coldplay-esque smoothness of the track. Maybe it skirts dangerously close to adult contemporary, but this is a mellow sandwich with extra chill sauce. The chopped up vocal samples sprinkled throughout make use of Tedder's all-around stellar vocals effort, accentuating the calming vibes on the beat. The releases so far haven't yet reached Cloud 9 hype, but there's plenty we haven't heard off Kids in Love yet, so I'll continue to roll through the tracks that have dripped out until Friday's release...#KidsInLove

Kygo feat One Republic - Stranger Things


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