Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Why Don't You Just Pull the Trigger?"

Without Flux Pavilion, I don't know where I'd satisfy my drum and bass cravings. On his new one featuring the vocals of Cammie Robinson, he toes the line between heavy and melodic. In between the melodies and gentle, wobbly chords, there are some serious bass hits that remind you Pull the Trigger isn't as much of a ballad as you thought it was. The smooth drum and bass layered over stellar vocals provide a perfect example of how hard hitting bass can actually be relaxing if done right. I'm about five laps deep on this one on and see no end in sight. For the paying crowd, check it on iTunes, otherwise feel free and hit up Spotify for unlimited, almost free listening...#PullTheTrigger

Flux Pavilion feat Cammie Robinson - Pull the Trigger


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