Monday, February 20, 2017

"Aint' Nothing Like My Hometown Girl"

When I choose to write about a track it's generally because it made me feel something. Since I'm not one to spread negativity, you're used to me gushing positively about tracks. Whether it's excitement, happiness, or a sense of chill, there are plenty of ways to tug on my heart strings.

In ZHU's case on Hometown Girl, it's without a doubt nostalgia. Everyone had that certain high school sweet heart or summer vacation town chick (or dude) that they would always go to for comfort. Take comfort whatever direction you want, but there's something about ZHU's smooth vocals over deep house rhythms that amplify the memories for me. It's truly an ode to that steady person you have in your life who you grew up with and I'm here writing because it made me immediately think of that person and re-live those memories. Despite the fact that this song has been out since July and that likelihood that you've already done a few laps around Generationwhy, the lyric video was released this week, which is what prompted the post. While you're at it, iTunes or Spotify if you feel so inclined...#HometownGirl

ZHU - Hometown Girl


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