Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"I'm Living High, Chasing All the Colors"

Pardon the cheesy pun, but color me excited about the collaboration below. About a month ago, I heard a live snippet of the track at Bill Graham in SF when Marshmello came to town. I've gotta say, it's as bubbly and hard hitting as it sounded live. Equipped with the Passion Pit-esque vocals from Noah Cyrus, it's every bit as quirky as you expected, chalked full of high pitched samples and bouncy funtime beats that both Marshmello and Ookay are known for. This one may be more of a niche favorite, but there's always room on my playlists for chill, bass heavy EDM...#ChasingColors

Marshmello & Ookay feat Noah Cyrus - Chasing Colors


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