Friday, February 17, 2017

Videos of the Week February 17th

Man, I'm not sure what the deal is with 2017, but it's been one stellar week of videos after another. This week I legitimately had about 15 videos that I had to narrow down to a top five, which proved to be a thankless task. It was a tough decision, but if I didn't include Melissa McCarthy's latest SNL skit where she roasts Sean Spicer, I wouldn't be doing this list any justice. Maybe our political system is a bit messy right now, but it's creating such an onslaught of comedy gold that we've got more than enough to be distracted with. Similarly, I probably could have created an entire post dedicated to The Grammys, but instead I've been sprinkling the videos across posts this week. I particularly enjoyed Weeknd's performance of I Feel It Coming with Daft Punk, though.

In the world of regular videos, The Weeknd made sure to keep his name circulating with visuals for Reminder. In the video you may see Drake, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky partaking in the expensive cars and private jet with Abel. Must be nice to have so many friends in high places. In case you forgot about Alex and Drew for a minute, they got back in the limelight with their new video for Paris. Man they really meant that "if we go down, then we go down together" line because there was a lot of falling from heights in their new one. Luckily there was a soft landing, sort of like the couch in NxWorries performance of What More Can I Say on Fallon (see what I did there?). Who says you can't perform on stage in your jammies? I know Anderson .Paak doesn't care and neither should you...#NxWorries
The Weeknd and Daft Punk Perform Star Boy and I Feel It Coming at The Grammys

Melissa McCarthy IS Sean Spicer on SNL

The Weeknd - Reminder (Video)

The Chainsmokers - Paris (Video)

NxWorries Perform What More Can I Say on Fallon

Photo Credit: YouTube


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