Friday, February 10, 2017

Videos of the Week February 10th

Yet again this week, it was a thankless task narrowing down a top five videos. If there was one underlying theme this week it was the presence of soul. Starting with Chance the Rapper's video for Same Drugs where he delivers a duet with what can only be described as a muppet. Trippy video, but nonetheless, a stellar track. Then there was that time John Legend invited over Gallant so they could sings some songs acapella and answer questions with fans. Hate on Facebook live all you want, but if it leads to more intimate sessions like this, I'm all aboard.

Moving on with Run the Jewels who seemed to fill every nook and cranny of NPR's Tiny Desk space. You can't hate one bit on their ability to hold the crowd (regardless of size) in the palm of their hands, but I question whether the type of music they make is suited for the Tiny Desk setting. Don't get me wrong it was hella entertaining, but it was akin to watching two dudes practice rapping, which isn't the most interesting thing. The good news is, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver have all the interesting you need as they exchanged political humor and banter for a good ten minutes. And last, but certainly not fifth on the list, was Anderson .Paak's church choir fueled rendition of The Come Down. At this point it would be foolish to question how talented of a performer Anderson. Find me another artist in Hip Hop that can lead a choir while playing the drums and singing...#TheComeDown
Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Video)

John Legend and Gallant Perform Penthouse Floor and Overload on Facebook Live

Run the Jewels Tiny Desk Concert at NPR

Stephen Colbert Interviews John Oliver on The Late Show

Anderson .Paak Delivers a Gospel Performance of The Come Down

Photo Credit: YouTube


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