Monday, February 06, 2017

"All My Life I've Waited For Something This Right"

Man...I forgot how much Mat Kearney's voice sounds like Chris Martin of Coldplay. Thanks to Filous, I got that reminder today on Goodbye. In short, chill doesn't begin to explain how mellow this track sounds. It's candlelight EDM at its finest, falling back on stellar vocals and soft rhythms. The more I listen to it, the sadder it gets as the lyrics soak in. It's not exactly the shot of life I like to post to set the tone for the week, but it's raining in the Bay area, so as I write this, it's sort of fitting. Key takeaway for me is that Filous may be super young (19 yrs old), but his mix of Indie, almost folk styles with electronics has my interest piqued...#Goodbye

Filous feat Mat Kearny - Goodbye


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