Thursday, February 02, 2017

"Only Luxury We Have is the Time"

Words can't explain how pumped I was to see the words "new Chiddy Bang track" today. Even better, they took the essence of Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness and transformed it into Full Speed Ahead. Shoot you could even convince me that Cudi was the one singing the hook. Helped with a production assist from Paul Couture, there's plenty of slow bangin' bass to compliment the spit fire bars from Chiddy. It's a cool mix of melodic, sing-songy, and heavy. This is the type of breath of fresh air Hip Hop needs more of as it continues to lack the energy as a genre it did a decade ago. After taking five years off, it's looking like Chiddy and Xaphoon haven't missed a step. If more music from them is on the horizon, 2017 may not be as devoid of quality Hip Hop as I thought...#FullSpeedAhead

Chiddy Bang - Full Speed Ahead (prod by Paul Couture)


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