Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"I'm Holding On, Why is Everything So Heavy?"

There are few acts as dynamic as Linkin Park. Unwrapping a new single of theirs is always an adventure. When I say adventure, it's not like a hike in the woods versus hike along the beach differences in adventure. It's more like you're on a volcano or in the jungle or maybe in the desert types of varying adventures. On one Chester could be screaming his lungs out on a rock anthem or maybe they're falling back on Mike Shinoda's stellar rapping skills. Or, even better, they could be delivering an emotional duet like on Heavy.

To be clear, it's rare that they go the ballad route, but when they choose this type of adventure, they do it really really well. Credit to Kiiara on this one, she really stood out as the shining star on this one (side note - be sure to catch her on tour with The Chainsmokers this summer). It has just enough gentle rock drops and orchestration that you can hear the usual Linkin Park style bleeding through. Needless to say, the masses are going to have fun with this one as they ramp up for the release of their 7th studio album (One More Light) on May 19th. Don't hesitate on indulging in this one because it'll surely be run through the power wash of Top 40 soon enough...#Heavy

Linkin Park feat Kiiara - Heavy


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