Sunday, February 05, 2017

"I Been Talking to God Like He My Therapist"

It's only fitting that on Super Bowl Sunday I write about a new track where Eminem rattles off a prolific four-bar Patriots assault...

"Surely I'm turning into the Aaron Hernandez of rap
State of emergency, the planet's having panic attacks
Brady's returning, matter of fact I may be deserving
Of a pat on the back, like a Patriots jersey" - Eminem

The track I'm talking about is off Big Sean's new I Decided album and appropriately titled No Favors. I say appropriately titled because the vibe of a track is a "no-holds barred" cypher. Sure, there's a hook that provides a margin between the verses, but it's all about the rhyme after rhyme, 100 mph storytelling.

Was anyone else wierded out by Eminem's gruff tone on the track? It almost sounded like he was trying to make fun of himself or play up a serial killer diction on the track. As soon as he hit his stride mid-verse he drifted back into the Eminem I'm used to hearing, but it the contrast was a bit odd. Interesting tone aside, it's cool to see the Detroit legends go in on a track together. It's also yet another reason to go and check out Big Sean's new album that dropped this week, so here are the obligatory iTunes and Spotify links to the now #1 album on iTunes...#NoFavors

Big Sean feat Eminem - No Favors


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