Monday, May 02, 2016

Alan Walker's Faded Gets the Royal Remix Treatment

Visiting Europe these past two weeks gave me a dose of reality when it comes to music. For one, Lukas Graham's 7 Years is without a doubt the most widely played track on radio. Let's just say it grew on me too. The only other track that compares popularity wise is Alan Walker's Faded. Right before leaving for Europe, I was smitten by track and it was super awesome learning how unoriginal my likeness for the track actually was abroad...smh

Pride aside, the remixes to Faded should only serve as validation for how big the track has become. Seeing not one, but two unique remixes from Tiesto takes validation to a new level. Out of his two remixes, I'm a bigger fan of the deep house mix. Not that the Northern Lights remix is bad or anything, I just feel like the deep house version better carries on the mellow vibe of the original. To each their own, you make the call on your favorite between the six different takes below...#FadedRemixes


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