Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Google Me Baby, You Crazy"

I'm not sure whether it's a coincidence or whether someone lit a fire under Hip Hop as a whole, but there have been some impressive tracks released of late. Sure, there were the Drake, Kanye and Chance the Rapper albums, but now Hov and Pusha are getting in on the action. Drug Dealers Anonymous is one of the most impressive Hip Hop collaborations of 2016, hands down. It's a rarity to get the Jiggaman on the mic, but when both he and King Pusha get into full storytelling mode, get out of the way. With the help of a slow knocking beat by DJ Dahi, there was plenty of room for both heavyweights to maneuver for a four plus minutes without a hook. The mix of 808 bass breakdowns and chopped up claps give the simple beat a distinct personality. Tip of the cap to two of the best, they showed why they are on the track below...#DrugDealersAnonymous

Pusha T feat Jay Z - Drug Dealers Anonymous (prod by DJ Dahi)


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