Sunday, May 01, 2016

"Lightning Strikes Every Time She Moves"

After a two week haitus in Italia, GWDJ is back online. With the help of Calvin Harris and Rihanna, it's time to get the daily repetition back rollin'. I know what you're thinking. I've heard this before with the whole "We found a love in a hopeless place" vibe. That's a fair assumption, but hoping This is What You Came For is going to live up to those colossal expectation is a bit ambitious.

Luckily, the song takes a much mellower, house personality, so it's not as much of an apples to apples comparison to it's predecessor. It's more of an easy-listening, pop track than a jubilant party starter, but it speaks to how addicting Rihanna can be when showcased on a great beat. Even if you don't like the track, you can't be surprised that it has already ascended to #1 in the world already. Despite not being in love with it, it's chill enough that I'll be able to tolerate the impending Top 40 radio bastardization...#ThisIsWhatYouCameFor


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