Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"You and I Cannot Collide, Running in Parallel Lines"

Not to take anything away from A-Trak since he's a dope producer in his own right, but anything Phantogram touches turns to gold. They make great music on their own, but their skills only seem to amplify when working with other talented collaborators. Their soothing vocals and overall Indie vibe are a breath of fresh air.

Another observation...Parallel Lines reeks of easy listening pop, which isn't something I'd associate with what A-Trak usually puts out. Suffice to say whenever a well respected artist goes in a direction I didn't anticipate, I generally appreciate it. That's exactly what happened here when my perceived possibilities of what A-Trak was capable of expanded quite a bit. Only down side is you'll have to wait a few weeks until May 20th to cop it. Until then feel free and wear out the lyric video below...#ParallelLines

Photo Credit: YouTube


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