Sunday, May 08, 2016

"I Got That Sunshine in My Pocket"

Despite the fact that Justin Timberlake's releases have been few and far between the past few years, it hasn't changed the fact that every new single of his is a must listen to me. When it comes to boy band alumni, he sets the bar for solo success. His combination of incredible vocals, funk-filled rhythms, and just generally likable personality make it impossible not to root for him.

If you need yet another example of why that last statement is a fact, check out his in-studio/celebrity cameo video for his new single Can't Stop the Feeling. Sure, he could have just had his team make a quick lyric video to promote it, but no, he hand-crafted the experience of listening to the track. In the video, there's nary a mention of the track surfacing on the upcoming soundtrack for the new Dreamworks movie, Trolls, but if you close you eyes and listen, it fits every preconceived notion of a feel-good, animated movie track. The song delivers fun wrapped in happiness, which is a hard thing to hate...#CantStopTheFeeling


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