Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"I Just Wanna Go Flex, Gold on My Teeth and on My Neck"

The great thing about music is that talent is ultimately awarded no matter where a person came from or what they look like. There are very few professions in the world that genuinely reward talented people and give them a shot at making a career out of it like music. I'm prefacing this post because on first glance, there's nothing on first glance that seems remarkable about Austin Post. Keepin' it 100, he looks like an gleeful, unkempt stoner, which in many walks of life would result in whatever talents he might have being dismissed.

But this is music and music awards the grind of following your passion to a point that it will drive you to the brink of either bankruptcy or fame. For Post, it took him from Syracuse to LA to finally Houston before he broke through with White Iverson. His music style fits the melodic, edgy trend of what we'd now characterize as R&B. Don't expect any mind blowing, inspirational lyrics, but do expect an addictive, mellow melody that fits perfectly over an acoustic beat. Even though Post will forever be remembered for White Iverson, Go Flex is by far my favorite track of his to date. The gold grill, the rough around the edges appearance and lyrics, it's unlike anyone else you've seen, which is why he's already found his lane in music. Shoot, he even choked Bieber which we can all get behind as we cool out to his edgy slow jam below...#GoFlex


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