Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Are We Running From the Same Ghost?"

To be completely honest, it was a tough decision on what to post tonight. I love nights like tonight because they make up for the slow days where I'm struggling to find a new song to get excited about. If Flume's new one with Vic Mensa posted in its entirety, I might be writing about a different song tonight, but that didn't happen so, Gorgon City came to the rescue. To put it simply, they do Deep House really well and if you're looking for new proof of that, press play below.

Doubts is about as smooth as it gets with a clean mix of steadily thumping bass and soothing vocals. The wobble on the beat is palpable and will lure you in on the first listen. If you're counting at home, this is the fourth single off their upcoming album Kingdom. Word has it, that album won't arrive until August, but it will be the first of a two-part album series. Needless to say, there's plenty of new music on the way to satisfy all your lounge needs over the next year...#Doubts

Gorgon City - Doubts


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