Tuesday, May 17, 2016

deadmau5 Thrusts His Way Back Into Our Lives

There's a crispness to deadmau5's music that makes it hard for me to be impressed by his music anymore. It's a gift and a curse that he's made so many great songs that I often find myself tuning his new music out since it doesn't measure up to many of my favorites of his. That being said, his new batch of songs below prove that he's still very capable of putting out the level of music that we've all grown fond of over the past decade.

To recap this week, he released Whelk Then and Sellout yesterday. Out of those two, I found myself vibing out to Sellout more than the more experimental Whelk Then. Even though it may be "typical", I like typical so it was easily my favorite of the two.

Fast forward to today where Joel has let loose four more new tracks. Cat Thruster System, Diesel Powered Cat Thruster and Cat Thruster all found their way onto Soundcloud earlier today. Those three tracks were followed up by a dreamy melody he calls Analogical. Out of the four, Cat Thruster gets after it the most and is one of my favorite deadmau5 tracks he's released in a while. No idea what has caused this outpour of new music, but I'm doing my best to soak it all up in an attempt to re-kindle my fandom for one of the more talented EDM artists of my generation...#CatThruster

deadmau5 - Cat Thruster


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