Monday, May 23, 2016

TroyBoi Remains Up to No Good

What I like most about TroyBoi is his ability to deliver banging' beats while sprinkling in R&B elements into his music. Some call it slow Trap, whatever it is, I dig it in a big way because it mixes two of my favorite types of music. The beat elements are quirky as hell, but TroyBoi chops it up like only he can. I wish more DJs would be comfortable chopping up their beats more like he does. When a beat has intentionally raw elements, it gives it an authenticity that all this perfectly synthesized electronic music nowadays lacks. Just ones man's opinion, but when everything starts sounding the same, it's little bits of creativity that end up standing out. Shout out to NEFERA on the vocals too, she killed it...#BadBehaviour

TroyBoi feat NEFERA - Bad Behaviour


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