Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"My Belly's Full From All the Pride I Swallow"

Well... it appears that Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew is at it again. They're not only up to their usual shenanigans musically, though. This time they've taken it a step further by assembling a ridiculous cameo list of people for their new movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. If you haven't already caught wind of the movie and it's fabulous plot, feel free and watch the explicit trailer below.

It's slightly NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised...

Normally I'd write off a novelty comedy like Popstar, but one detail caught my attention. The "produced by Judd Apatow" has me slightly more intrigued than usual.

Movie aside, the The Lonely Island also released two entertaining tracks for the movie's soundtrack. Both Mona Lisa and I'm so Humble are just about what you'd expect from the trio. On the lyrical entertainment scale, I'd definitely give the nod to Mona Lisa. I've never heard such a tastefully vulgar roasting of an iconic piece of art. On the flip side, I'm So Humble is much more catchy and listenable with Adam Levine's hook providing the legitimacy necessary for potential top 40 success. There are a few classic one liners in the mix, so be sure to check them both out, as well as the movie that will be coming to a theater near you on June 3rd...#Popstar


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