Sunday, May 29, 2016

deadmau5 Drops a Cold Beat on Snowcone

Lately deadmau5 has been starting to sneak his way back into our playlists with a few new heat rocks he's posted up on Soundcloud. Evidently tracks like Sellout and Cat Thruster were leading up to something more meaningful, like a new "official" single. Side note - normally I'd direct link song names to a Soundcloud link where you could stream the two tracks mentioned above, but then Soundcloud froze Joel's tracks, which prompted quite the response.
If I've learned one thing from working at tech companies, it's that a creative business model is necessary if you want to keep customers while continuing to scale and monetize your product. Unfortunately, Soundcloud more or less sold their soul to the devil by becoming beholden to specific record companies and they've done nothing but slowly whittle away at the user experience of their product, which used to be great. It's a sad thing, but I'm probably going to start posting more YouTube and Spotify links, rather than relying on Soundcloud.

Music streaming services aside, deadmau5's new single Snowcone is an interesting one. It's more of a chill, Hip Hop beat than the usual symphony of electronics that he frequently puts together. Don't expect vocals, but do expect to hear some ethereal, twilight zone sounding synth samples. There's plenty of thump on the back side of the beat, which continues to plow forward for the entire five plus minutes of the track. It's not something you can expect to hear on radio, but it is pretty awesome that Toronto rapper JSTONE has already dropped a verse on it and gotten some dap from it. No idea whether more music is on the horizon, but for the time being, I'm excited about the new vibe...#Snowcone


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