Thursday, May 05, 2016

Nero Pays Tribute to Prince in the Best Way Possible

It's been almost two weeks now since Prince passed away and there's still just as many questions as answers surrounding his death. One thing's for sure, no one really truly knew Prince, yet everyone loved him. From his music to his secret philanthropy, the world was a better place because of him and I'm looking forward to his life being celebrated more and more as we get to know more about his life.

Given that Prince's music was so funky and unique, he makes for a tough cover. What I like about Nero's choice to cover Prince was that they chose to remake one of his unreleased tracks. For reference, the live version below from 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis may have been the only time Prince played the track Electric Intercourse...
Nero knew they weren't going to be able to layer on the sexual goodness that Prince is able to bring, but they did justice to the original with their own drum unique synths and drum patterns. The fact that they conquered this demo in a few hours is pretty legendary. It's a bummer that this cover had to come to light after Prince passed, but mashing old and new and crossing genres is literally music to my ears...#ElectricIntercourse

Nero - Electric Intercourse (Prince Cover)


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