Friday, May 20, 2016

Videos of the Week May 20th that's what I call a week's worth of videos. You could say all angles from funny, to entertaining, to happy to downright quirky were covered. Starting with Drake's SNL monologue, where he did everything he could to be self-depricating and still managed to throw in a Rihanna impression. In the land of storytelling, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won the day with their video for dance off. The Idris Alba cameo gave the video some gravitas, but the creative settings and types of dancing in the video should not be overlooked.

Covering a completely different angle of the spectrum was The Lonely Island and Fallon's Tonight Show Crew doing a schoolhouse version of I'm on a Boat. Was it me or did they get dangerously close to cursing more than a few times? And that Joy of Land book, dunce cap part cracked me up. Sticking with Fallon, he hosted an odd mish mash of talent in game of Catch Phrase for all of us to enjoy. Was it me or did Bryce Harper come off a bit rough around the edges? And how competitive can you be at a game of Catch Phrase Gigi Hadid? Needless to say, there was some emotion poured into that game. And last, but probably first was J Timberlake's video for his new uplifting Can't Stop the Feeling single. Anyone who can assemble that diverse of a group of people to dance like no one is looking deserves a lot of credit in my book...#CantStopTheFeeling
Drake More Than a Meme Monologue on SNL

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Idris Alba - Dance Off (Video)

The Lonely Island & Fallon Perform I'm on a Boat with Classroom Instruments

Catch Phrase with Andy Samberg, Gigi Hadid, and Bryce Harper on Fallon

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling (Video)

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