Monday, May 09, 2016

Jerry Folk is Definitely Not a Gangster

With braggadocio still a thing in music, it's nice to hear some refreshing honesty from an artist for a change. Enter Jerry Folk, an up and coming Norwegian artist who is much more Norwegian house than gangsta. To prove that, he put together an undeniably funky new single proclaiming exactly that.

On first listen, it's hard not to lose yourself in the groovy bassline that fits so well with Jerry's smooth vocals. I'm not sure which is more surprising, the fact that over 27,000 listens in 11 hours or that it's available for free to download. I'll gladly reward him with a few more listens for releasing something as fresh as I'm Honestly Not a Gangster...#NotAGangster

Jerry Folk - I'm Honestly Not A Gangster


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