Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coldplay Goes Full On EDM With Avicii's Help

There are very few collaborations nowadays that force me to get out of my chair due to sheer excitement. Chalk that type of response up to the collaboration below between Coldplay and Avicii. You've got the legendary band who crafts picturesque ballads in their sleep combining forces with the current trendsetter in EDM. Add to that the fact that Coldplay very rarely goes uptempo and you've got yourself an attention grabbing track. Press play before you listen to me wax poetic...

To put it simply, it's what you'd expect from Coldplay ballad wise, but this time you get a crisp, harmonious chord progression mixed together by Avicii. The track is every bit as triumphant and feel good as your favorite U2 track. While most epic collaborations usually fall short, this one hit the nail on the head and delivered exactly what I would have hoped. You better believe I'm adding this to any and every chill EDM mix I will be putting together in the near future. Oh and look out for that new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, out May 19th...#SkyFullOfStars


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