Monday, April 21, 2014

Lykke & Rocky No Rest For the Wicked

While most people are probably a bit unnerved when rappers find their way on chill pop tracks, I tend to gravitate toward those type of tracks. In my opinion, beauty can come from harsh contrast when it isn't too overdone. When I say contrast of chill and rap, think James Blake/Chance the Rapper's Life Round Here or Lana Del Rey/A$AP Rocky's Ridin. Before I get too ahead of myself, you need to hear the original to appreciate the contrast...

Ever since I heard Drake and Lykke's A Little Bit, I've been a big fan of her music. Feel free and add No Rest For the Wicked to my list of her favorites. Original aside, the real intrigue on the remix comes around the 2:45 mark, when the Hip Hop beat meshes with the original. That's when Lord Flacko goes to work and elevates his verse to another level. Sure, his verse is abrasive when contrasted with the original, but the remix added the right amount of wicked...#NoRestForTheWicked

Lykke Li feat A$AP Rocky - No Rest For the Wicked (Remix)

via Rapxclusive


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