Friday, April 18, 2014

Videos of the Week April 18th

The top 5 this week is a bit Hip Hop heavy with Alicia Keys, Pharrell, and Kendrick Lamar leading the way. In general, I appreciate it when movie companies mix footage from movies with videos from the soundtrack, so tip of the cap to Sony and Columbia Pictures for making that happen. In other news, Eminem and Rihanna stole the show at the VMAs this week with their performance of The Monster, Asher Roth's music always deserves a spot on this blog and despite my dislike for Future, I don't mind his new track with Kanye. The whipped cream of this week came in the form of Jon Favreau's new movie The Chef, which stars Robert Downey Jr. Favreau usually comes through with quality comedies (Elf, Iron Man, I Love You Man, The Break Up), so take note of the mid-May release...#TheChefMovie
Alicia Keys feat Kendrick Lamar - It's On Again (Video)

Eminem & Rihanna Perform The Monster Live at 2014 VMAs
Asher Roth - The World is Not Enough (Video)

Future feat Kanye West - I Won (Video)

The Chef Trailer

Photo Credit: YouTube


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