Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hardwell Makes Crisp, Excitable Dance Music

Now that electronic DJs are coming out of the woodwork on a daily basis, I'm finding it easier to appreciate quality EDM. Case in point Hardwell's new one Everybody Is In the Place. I didn't recognize it at the time, but evidently the vocals sampled on the track come from The Prodigy's Everybody In the Place, which was released about 22 years ago in 1992 on their first album Experience. Wait the 90s were two decades away? Man, that's how you know you're getting old. Check out the awesome non-HD visuals below...
I'd say Hardwell did the sample justice, as subtle as it may have been. At the very least, I appreciate that DJs are starting to sample more in electronic music. Maybe it's because I grew up on Hip Hop, but when someone can pull off a classic sample, it can really elevate a track. Regardless, Hardwell's crisp style packs a punch and needs to be added to your list of favorite EDM DJs...#EverybodyIsInThePlace

Hardwell - - Everybody Is In The Place (Original Mix)


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