Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Baby I'm Faded, All I Wanna Do is Take You Downtown"

Mysteriousness can be a cool thing when you're talented. I say that because It seems like the usual path to recognition for a musician these days is paved through lots of promotion$ and non-$top quality $ong$. A few weeks back I mentioned how much it grinds my gears that the top 1% of artists in the music industry make 77% of the profits. That's more broken that the distribution of wealth in the US, which is also a growing issue.

Needless to say, when someone comes out with a fresh, innovative track and doesn't even reveal their identity, that's something you've got to admire because it goes completely against the common path to success. Who knows maybe ZHU thought his remix of Ms Jackson would fall on deaf ears? Either way, he's got a new track out called Faded that resides somewhere between disco and house on the EDM spectrum. It's upbeat, deep and sultry vocals will reel you in like a helpless fish. Whoever ZHU is, I'm digging his style and he just released a debut Nightday EP on Sunday that I'll be checking out shortly...#ZHU

ZHU - Faded


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