Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guy Sebastian's Like a Drum Gets Chainsmoked

Here's a rare one, The Chainsmokers remixing a Pop/R&B track. Staying true to form, they picked an artist that should be more well known in the US. I say that because the only exposure I've had to Guy Sebastian so far is on Lupe Fiasco's track Battle Scars. Long story short, Guy won Australian Idol back in 2003 and has since earned 46 platinum certifications spread across his seven top ten albums. He's a big deal down under, which is strange because he isn't a very big name in the US. Feel free and check out the original version of his latest single, Like a Drum (below)...

On first glance, the pairing of Guy with The Chainsmokers seems to be odd, but it ended up sounding pretty good. You better believe it's 100% pop, but the mix of R&B and uplifting sythns sound different. The chord progression is interesting and it sounds light compared to a lot of the deep and progressive house beats The Chainsmokers have put together. Maybe it sounds novel to me because R&B has taken such a back seat that it may as well be in the trunk now. Whatever the case, the remix is filled with happy rhythms and we'll forgive Alex and Drew for the typo on the cover art, so if you're in need of an early week pick me up, give it a listen...#LikeADrum

Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)


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