Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seven Years Later, We Get to Blink Again

Back in 2007, the GWDJ blog was in it's infancy, manifesting itself as a monthly song list sent to a group of friends and acquaintances. Seven years ago, EDM represented a very small piece of what I considered to be the cutting edge music of at the time. Back then Hip Hop and R&B led the way for exciting, limit pushing genres. As a result, I completed missed John Dahlbäck's original version of Blink, which is regrettable. If you were like me and missed it, free and check out the original, which laid the foundation for the new version below...

Now fast forward to present day, where Dahlbäck teamed up with Benny Benassi on a revamped version of the original. You'll note, Blink Again sounds a lot like the Blink, but there's quite a bit more to the new version of the track. For starters, the brief trap breakdown toward the end of the track is a welcome change of pace. Also, the vocals are a lot sharper and the drops are much more aggressive and hard hitting than the original. Call it version 2.0 or a new school update, whatever the case, it's packed with plenty of juice that is capable of fueling any dance party, leaving us in anticipation for another week until it's April 18th release....#BlinkAgain

John Dahlbäck & Benny Benassi - Blink Again (Clip)


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