Friday, April 11, 2014

Videos of the Week April 11th

Solid mix of real videos and late night appearances on this week's list of top five videos. Leading the way is Avicii's animated video for his own remix of Hey Brother that features clips from the show Bravest Warriors. I can't say I've seen the cartoon, but it seems like it has a cult following based on some of the video comments on YouTube.

Also on the docket this week was the whole video of Foxes Holding Onto Heaven, which was a long time coming. Best comedic spot of the week came from Drake who dressed in disguise to interview people on the streets about himself. The questions could have been more provocative and answers more entertaining, but there were a couple of pretty hilarious interactions. Putting a nice bow on the week was Sam Smith's characteristically on point rendition of Money on My Mind on Jimmy Kimmel. There are very few artists who have the ability to captivate an audience and turn listeners collectively into deer looking at headlights like Sam Smith. He's still my pick for breakthrough artist of 2014...#InTheLonelyHour
Avicii - Hey Brother (Avicii Remix) (Video)

Calvin Harris - Summer (Video)

Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven (Video)

Drake Plays Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News

Sam Smith Performs Money on My Mind on Jimmy Kimmel

Image Credit: YouTube


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