Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Life Goes on Pimpin', the Wise Don't Doubt it"

It's not a common thing for someone to characterize a track as easy-listening rap, but I'm going to put that label on @frank_ocean's new one Blue Whale. Similar to the way Drake always goes back and forth between Hip Hop and R&B, I feel like Frank wants to be regarded as more than just a vocalist. In other words, he's got a Hip Hop side and can willingly weave together an introspective story about anything from family to the finer things that life is now affording him.

You can bet that Channel Orange selling over 300k is helping out Frank's lifestyle. Sometimes a stream of consciousness Hip Hop track can be perfect for getting a lot of inner thoughts off the chest. As jumpy and scatterbrained as the song comes off, it's never a bad thing when an artist reaches out to give fans a glimpse into their thoughts. What I hope is that more easy listening Hip Hop is on the horizon...#TakeNoteHipHop

Frank Ocean - Blue Whale


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