Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Our Hearts Will Nev-er Be...the Same...Again"

The collaboration between @calvinharris and @nickyromero is about as disjointed as you'll get in EDM. I say that because there is a calming element to every one of Calvin Harris's tracks that is a stark contrast to most of the music Nicky Romero creates. Yes, they can meet in the middle on the synths, but Iron is a mix of calm lyrics and intense sythns. It's almost as if they embedded a quick piano oasis into a wild electronic track and pasted a Calvin Harris verse in the middle of it.

As disjointed as I'm making it out to be, it's still tolerable. May not be my favorite, but you'll have a few Jekyll and Hyde concoctions along the way when two electronic artists get together. Listen at your own risk or just get really drunk and wild out to this...#BothWork

Nicky Romero feat Calvin Harris - Iron (Original Mix)


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