Thursday, September 13, 2012

"London Bridge is Falling Down, But I'm Too Drunk on a Bottle of Brown"

Ever hear of punk rap? Well if you haven't then you'll understand what I mean when I characterize the song below as such. From what I'm gathering, @yelawolf and @travisbarker are planning on releasing an EP together and Push Em is the first course.

The title of the album, Psycho White, fits the schizophrenic, crazy-ass white boy vibe of the track to a T...or a Y...however you wanna slice it. Simply put, the track below will make you want to wild out. The fast paced drum rhythm will make your neck hurt from bobble-heading to the beat. Feel free and break this one out at whatever party you're at this week, my only caution...#MayInciteRiots.*

Travis Barker feat Yelawolf - Push Em

*warning only applicable to crazy white kids


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