Friday, September 21, 2012

Videos of the Week September 21st

Three main takeaways from this week's videos.
  • I would pay good money to see John Mayer OR @frank_ocean in concert. Seeing them perform together would probably result in my head exploding. The only thing greater and more ironic performance that would top seeing them together would be if John Mayer swapped roles with his own guitarist @drh3, who just so happens to have one of the most under-appreciated voices in the game.
  • Where is the Celebration (remix) featuring the whole Bone Thugs crew?
  • Is @DMX really serious about being that clueless with working a computer? "I don't have the patience?" Really man? Either that video below is a complete act and he's throwing us all for a huge loop, or dude has maybe used a keyboard twice...ever. Either way, why again is he getting interviewed like every week? I want to start a wager right now. Which happens first, Antonio Cromartie fathers another child or DMX gets arrested again? #TooToughToCall
Frank Ocean feat John Mayer - Thinkin Bout You (Live on SNL)

Frank Ocean feat John Mayer - Pyramids (Live on SNL)

Game feat Lil Wayne, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa - Celebration (Video)

DMX on Google (Seriously??)

Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing (Video)


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