Saturday, September 08, 2012

"Here We Are We Are the Champions"

Talk about a random combination of new and old. When was the last time you heard @freddurst on a new single? Take it from a longtime Limp Bizkit fan, if there's room for Kid Rock, there will surely be a play for Fred Durst to co-exist. And then there's just keep YMCMB in line behind the scenes and it's all good. Never been a huge fan of his verses, but have plenty appreciation for his ability to built squads that compete.

I'm guessing this will surface on some sort of @itsKevinRudolf album at some point, but for now it;s slated to his iTunes in two days on Monday, September 10th. The song was created to be a theme song for the upcoming WWE Night of Champions on September 16th. Just so everyone starts getting used to hearing it, the song debuted last Monday on WWE Monday Night Raw

I'm not sure it goes hard enough to reel in the WWE crowd, but it's catchy and pop enough to have a chance. I'll take Let it Rock or Welcome to the World though, y'all can have this one...#Underwhelmed

Kevin Rudolf feat Fred Durst, Baby & Lil Wayne - Champions


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