Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Missy and Timbo Are Back With a Vengeance

Just when you thought @MissyElliott was on permanent hiatus from Hip Hop, here she comes with two @timbaland produced heat rocks. Earlier this week she let loose two singles in one day via her website titled Triple Threat and 9th Inning. Feel free to preview them below...

There were rumors last year that she was going to be putting together a new album set to be titled Block Party, but that title has been squashed for the time being. Cool thing is she already has twelve...count that 12 Timbaland produced tracks that are confirmed to be on the new album. Anybody else think that's just a little bit exciting?

If you were to force me to pick a favorite from the tracks above, I'd go with Triple Threat. From the beat, hook to background vocals by Timbo, it fits the bill for a Missy Timbo collabo. Much more to come from these two, including *hopefully* some new material on Drake's new Aaliyah album if everyone finally gets in the same damn page. Just don't tell DMX...


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