Saturday, September 29, 2012

"So Can You Rescue Me, From Me?"

The last time I spoke about @slaughterhouse, I explained why I wasn't a big fan of a track they did with @SkylarGrey and @AlexDaKid. Maybe I just picked the wrong track featuring the duo because they completely redeemed themselves on Rescue Me. Their last collaboration failed in my eyes because it tried to hard to be a radio friendly track, which isn't usually where Slaughterhouse is at their best.

I feel like they did a better job of walking the radio friendly, but still lyrically edgy line on the track below. It's hard to go wrong with an Alex da Kid beat or a Skylar Grey hook, but the track below is proof that all superstar collaborations aren't executed equally. It's tracks like this and Goodbye that really make me appreciate that Slaughterhouse signed with Shady Records. In other words, prior to signing, we wouldn't have been privy to songs like Rescue Me...#Grateful

Slaughterhouse feat Skylar Grey - Rescue Me (prod by Alex da KiD)


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