Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"This Girl is on Fire!"

With a fresh new outlook on life with the birth of her boy, @aliciakeys is out to conquer the world. The past week she has been on an all out blitz promoting her newest single Girl on Fire, which is now on every radio, TV and award show (below):

The track is par for the course for her and her never ending catalog of vocally uplifting tracks. In fact, if you're not an @nickyminaj fan, then Alicia has you covered with her own Bluelight (Solo Version) where she goes solo on the keys and vocals.

In my eyes determining which version is better depends on mood. I will say that the incorporation of @gabrielledoug into Nicky's verse and VMA performance was really cool. I'll gladly get out of my seat and golf clap for that one. Alicia's new album Girl on Fire is due out in November...#StayTuned

Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire (Blue Light Version)

Alicia Keys feat Nicki Minaj - Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)


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