Monday, September 03, 2012

"You're Giving Me Such Sweet Nothing"

The phrase match made in heaven comes to mind when I think of combining the high octane vocals of @flo_tweet with the electro-pop rhythms of a @CalvinHarris. While most would probably favor @rihanna's voice on Calvin's material, I'd pick Florence any day of the week. Her uniquely intense delivery is powerful and downright awe-inspiring.

Good luck keeping this off top 40 radio! It's about as easy listening as EDM gets, which plays extremely well on the radio these days. For all of you keeping score at home, Calvin is now five singles deep on his upcoming album 18 months. It's strange too, that the first single off the album came out in June 2011, over 13 months ago. Nonetheless, it's scheduled to hit shelves on October 29th and might be one of the most stacked albums in the past five years. What other album has five singles as a good as Bounce, Feel So Close, Let's Go, We'll Be Coming Back and Sweet Nothing? #Crickets

Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing


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