Sunday, September 16, 2012

Star Slingin' on a Sunday Night

When I think of @StarSlingerUK, I'm somehow always reminded of this dude (@mrdanfogler for all of you who don't recognize him from Fanboys or Balls of Fury). To catch you up on the comparison, below is a picture if you want to judge how far off I am on the comparison...
You can't tell me they don't look really alike? Either way, he always comes correct by weaving together a great mix of Hip Hop sounding break beats and a little bit of EDM. Take This Up is no exception, as he managed to keep it simple, yet produce something really catchy.

My guess is that most of you won't have the attention span for the track below, but I'm encouraging y'all to give it a shot...#NotAllSongsNeedLyrics

Star Slinger - Take This Up


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