Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"A Goal is Just A Dream With a Deadline"

For every album there is usually a whole second album's worth of material that never makes it to see the light of day. Or, in the case of the track below, it is re-purposed by someone who is featured on the track and released on a mixtape. Going from generals to specifics, the track Where Were You? by @drake was a throw away track off Thank Me Later that featured former @danitykane member @DawnRichard and @colinmunroe. Check the description below for specifics from Colin's manager on the genesis of the track:

"Where Were You" is a collaboration between Toronto producers Boi-1da and D10 and Capitol Records artist Colin Munroe. The track was originally titled "Whatever Became of You" and was submitted for Drake's 2010 release 'Thank Me Later'. Drake recorded additional features on the track. Although the song didn't make the album's cut, that didn't diminish the excitement for the track."

Cutting to the chase, Colin just released his version of the track last week on his Unsung Hero mixtape. In comparing the two, Drake's original is a lot slower and it would have seemed to fit like a glove with the general mood of Thank Me Later. I could have at least seen it as a bonus track? Either way Colin flipped it and made it his own mid-tempo ballad, which is pretty solid in his own right. It even has a little 80s percussion in it, anybody else hear that?

I'd encourage you to try both out, but if I had to pick one...you know which one I'd choose...#DrizzyAllDay

Drake feat Dawn Richard - Where Were You? (prod by Boi-1da)

Colin Munroe - Whatever Became of You? (prod by Boi-1da)

S/O to Cloudmusiq on the Art


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