Sunday, September 09, 2012

2AM Club's Ode to Mary Jane

After seeing both @2amclub and @BigSean react to the leaking of the track below, I was hesitant to post it. I enjoy sharing music I like on a daily basis, but when the artist themselves are upset that an unfinished version of a track leaks, it's not cool.
I wouldn't want someone I didn't know turning in an assignment to the boss or a paper for school a couple days early before I was cool with it. The reason I changed my mind is because I noticed that 2 AM Club was more or less rolling with the punches by re-tweeting other blogs who were posting the track. I know they probably didn't have a choice because once the chicken has hatched, you can't put it back in the egg, but still it's an unenviable position to be put out of position martketing wise when the track you were going to market with hits the market before you've got your ducks in line.

The good news is 2 AM Club has a new album coming out soon and it will (presumably) feature some version of the track below featuring Big Sean and @devishot. Sure the subject of the track is played out, but it's a fun track that's about as pop as the corn at the movie theater. Still a dope track and I hope for the track's sake it does some work on iTunes to over correct the leak...#SomethinBoutMary
"I gave your girl a t-shirt since she gave the whole crew neck"
2AM Club feat Big Sean & Dev - Mary


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