Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Avicii Always Gets the Last Dance

Evidently @avicii dropped a teaser of this track back in March on BBC Radio 1. Fast forward to the present over a half year later and we get the full instrumental mix. It's everything you'd expect in an Avicii single, the only notable difference is the whistling throughout, which is a unique touch. The build ups and high energy synth-driven crescendo's are definitely there, though.

I hope the "American" love story with EDM morphs into a more mature enjoyment of the enjoyment of the genre. What I mean by that is I hope an electronic track like the one below can get by without lyrics because it seems like more often than not, it's only the vocal versions that make it on the radio in the US. Maybe it's the DJ in me, but all I know is when people get in the club, lyrics don't mean a damn thing...#BassOverLyrics

Avicii - Last Dance (Instrumental Mix)


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