Monday, September 17, 2012

"In Our, House We Spit Like Sig Sauers"

Now that the public have had a couple weeks to take in @slaughterhouse's new Shady Records debut Welcome to: Our House, it's safe to say the consensus had the album rated between three and four stars out of five. From XXL to Rolling Stone, it's pretty safe that there was an overall positive vibe surrounding the album.

I'm mostly in agreement with their reviews, but before I listened to the track below, I had really really high expectations. Anything @skylargrey or @alexdakid have touched the past year has been white hot and on top of that you're going to put Slaughterhouse and @eminem rhyming over it? Might as well call it the best track of all time, right?

Not so fast (#CorsoStyle)! Maybe it's a style clash, but the lyrics heavy track kinda dragged on, even with Skylar's help on the hook. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of greatness that I'll probably end up writing about in the near future, but this isn't the best of what they had to offer. Just giving you a heads up so you can hold your expectations in check prior to listening...#StillADopeAlbum

Slaughterhouse feat Eminem & Skylar Grey - Our House (prod by Alex Da Kid)


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